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Sevan will save me time and trouble.  Why didn't I think of that? Role based authentication and federated identity management by Sevan WSA
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We help you control who can access what on your web site: we solve your web access and identity management problems.

The Sevan WSA is a self-contained appliance. It is convenient for your users, provides dependable security, installs quickly and is very easy to own. It can be operated as a drop-in, stand-alone solution or can be easily integrated with your business applications or infrastructure.

Whether you are providing managed services, business process outsourcing, system integration, or are provisioning a web site for your own organization, the WSA solves your web access management problems.

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Common Credential
How a common credential allows user authentication across multiple applications in multiple enterprises

Phishing Passwords
Why are passwords vulnerable to phishing attacks? How does the Sevan WSA makes password phishing attacks useless?

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"As more business-critical information and processes become web enabled, convenient and cost-effective access manage-ment for employees, partners, and customers is essential. The Sevan WSA addresses this web access management issue in a unique way."

-- Matthew Kovar, CFA,            Yankee Group
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